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How have I made it this far, how am I still alive? How have I managed not to just, give in? I don’t know how I’m still here… My life is hell, I’m desperate, I don’t feel like I have anyone there to help me but I’m still here. I’m like this but nobody knows, nobody can help me, so why do I keep everything a secret? So many questions for myself yet, I don’t have an answer for any of them, oh well…

Sorry guys just really depressed so I wrote a poem, be warned it might be triggering for some because it refers to suicide and assholes who like to talk and idk, just read it unless you get triggered easily

TW: Suicide, Bullying

Every breath and every thought,
They’re not easy but its what i got,
With every comment it gets harder to keep going,
That’s why my tears never stop flowing,
The harder it gets the more i cry,
With every tear i just want to die,
Nobody would miss me or care,
All i would get would be whispers and stares,
The rumor would soon spread that I’m crazy,
People see my depression and call me lazy,
I need help from someone who would know,
Someone who has been here and can help me grow,
But in the end not a single person cared,
Everyone called me crazy and nobody shared,
That’s when i decided I’m done with life,
So i went to the kitchen and got a knife,

It wouldn’t be long before i was found,
When people heard nobody made a sound,
Nobody even remembered my name,
Because to them it was all just a game,
The game is over now and nobody won,
So was it worth it, was my death fun?

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